Romantic Cool Funny Attitude Whatsapp Status for BF GF 1/2 Liner Hindi English

Romantic Cool Funny Attitude Whatsapp Status for BF GF 1/2 Liner Hindi English :-You have to find time if you have to celebrate your day with your partner.  You should consider yourself so luck rather than depressed that you are alone. There is no better way to connect than to spoil each other the holidays. the best time to say you loved one . He/she will feel very special and romantic in this season. Give your partner a beautiful and favourite gift of their choice. It make a very great start of a new turn in your relationship.  One can feel very special by getting gift from the one he/she loved the most.

Funny Whatsapp Status

  • For all this time I have been putting this puzzles of my life, then I realized, the last piece is you.
  • Marriage is like a pack of cards. In the beginning it was hearts and a diamond, now all I’m wanting in my hand is a club and a spade.
  • May this day of your anniversary make your relation stronger and lovelier. Wish you a happy anniversary.
  • Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking.
  • To the beautiful couple on this land, May your anniversary be Happy and Grand. Happy Anniversary
  • Anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.
  • Anniversary means another way of togetherness and love for the memory books.
  • The first time I looked in your eyes I knew that I would do anything for you, The first time you touched my face, I felt what I never felt with anyone else.
  • On this our anniversary, we may not have wealth, but we do have each other and that is worth more than anything in the world.
  • I Cannot begin to imagine a life with out you in it. For the memories that we have created together could never compare to the touch that we share.
  • If you are really lucky, you will find one person who will walk through life with you no matter what.
  • 18 years ago today I walked down the aisle and promised to love honor and cherish my lover and best friend, it is a decision I have NEVER regretted!
  • Happy Anniversary to my loving hubby. Thank you for the last 11 yrs. and many more yrs. to come. Thank you for making me the happiest woman. I love you always.
  • Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together.
  • 1 year down & forever to go, Happy Anniversary.
  • Each moment of a happy lover’s hour is worth an age of dull and common life.
  • Love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts for eternity.
  • It doesn’t matter where you go in life, what you do, it’s who you have beside you.
  • True love isn’t love at first sight but love at every sight.
  • A successful married life requires falling in love many times, but always with the same person.
  • I only want to be with you twice…now, and forever.
  • Love is the best refreshment in life.

Attitude Whatsapp Status

These two different genders are not equal in feelings and other things. Rather than doing thing in your style, do an another thing for your loved one which make them smile. And making other smile by doing some small work can make you feel soo blessed and happy internally.

  • The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happily married life.
  • Two Keys to a lasting marriage “Respect and Communication”..
  • There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love.
  • From the first time we met, I knew we were meant to be together. God put us together and that way it will stay, Happy Anniversary honey. I love you forever.
  • Happy Anniversary to the one I’ll always want, even when I’m too old to remember what I’m supposed to want you for.
  • As the end of today approaches, and the beginning of tomorrow nears, Bow your heads and pray, for all who shed those tears.
  • Anniversary is repetition of promises made with each other, love gets stronger.
  • Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.
  • There`s always that one person who`d do anything for you. that`s the one you should marry.
  • Love is there when both person are more concerned for the other than for one’s self
  • I think Love is the best refreshment in life.
  • A successful married always life requires falling in love many times, but always with the same person
  • From the first time we met I knew we were meant to be together God put us together and that way it “ill stay Happy Anniversary honey
  • It doesn’t matter where you go in life, what you do, it’s who you have beside you. I am truly blessed to be married to my soul mate for years today..
  • Happy Anniversary to the most amazing man I’ve ever known! Thank you for loving me, for me. I love you.
  • Marriage is like a dollar bill. You can’t spend half of it when you tear it in two. The value of one half depends upon the other. Happy Anniversary
  • I want to wish an anniversary day to a couple who is beautiful in entire land. May your anniversary enhance your love and understanding.
  • Love is the same for a poor man, and a king.

Romantic Whatsapp Status 1 Line

Some small things have to done by the boyfriend to feel there partner so comfortable and happy because girls are the beautiful creation of God and we should obey them and their feelings.There are so soft like silk and so beautiful like rose. So it’s is first priority for all the boyfriend to make there girl comfortable and feel special from inside after all its our duty.

  • If you are afraid of life, you are scared to live.
  • Show me on the back of your mini van window where your life went wrong.
  • I’m growing a mullet to test our friendship.
  • Ain’t no sandwich when she’s gone
  • You’re not over it if it still makes you angry.
  • That moment when you realize your day was a complete waste of makeup.
  • I can confirm that crying is an actual step in the process of doing math.
  • {50#whatsapp status in hindi one line}
  • You are the reason of someone’s smile.
  • Taco Bell has so many festive names for the same three ingredients.
  • Always respect if want to get the same.
  • I’ll love you till my final breath.
  • Summer is real cute until every fucking type of insect comes out of the 8th circle of hell!
  • I don’t insult people, I just define them.

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