Guru Purnima 2016, celebration on 19 july

Guru Purnima is national wide celebration which is devoted towards the Guru in this world. Guru word is utilized for the educator who instructs anything to a learner. In the event that we relate it to the old time, t is really venerating the Guru Vyasa who composed the 4 Vedas. In any case, in today time, it is about adoring your instructor and demonstrating appreciation towards them for their perfect diligent work for showing you.

It is said that, the Guru Vyasa kept in touch with all the 4 Vedas that were presented by the Lord Brahma and each individual in this world is in the red for the work, that holy person Vyasa did. He likewise composed a few Purans. Also, from those times, a day was committed towards the Gurus and this day is called as ‘Guru Purnima’. Purnima word is utilized in light of the fact that on this day, there is a full moon.


It has a profound essentialness in the past and in this day and age too. As this day is devoted towards the Gurus, individuals regardless of rank and so forth offer their supplications to their gurus saying thanks to them for the information they have given to the learner.

Vyas Purnima is praised in adoring Guru Ved Vyas. His folks were Parashar Rishi and Matsyagandha. Ved Vyas is recollected on this day since he had tackled the immense undertaking of really grouping the Vedas. In antiquated times, individuals went on the Vedas starting with one era then onto the next by overhearing people’s conversations, yet Ved Vyas gathered them so they could be perused. He likewise composed the Mahabharat and Shrimad Bhagwat. Since he furnished the world with such awesome learning, he is known as the first Guru of Hindu Dharma.

Guru Purnima

In year 2016 Guru Purnima will be praised on nineteenth July.

Updated: July 16, 2016 — 7:53 pm

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