Bhadli Navami 2016, Most Auspicious Time for Marriage Hindu

Bhatali Navami 2016, Most Auspicious Time for Marriage Hindu July 13 (Wednesday):- Here we provide you the information about Bhatali Navami, It is Celebrate in India 13th July 2016 with full fill of joy, Bhadli Navami also known by the name of Bhatali Navami, Kandarp Navami, Ashara Shukla Paksha Navami is generally celebrated during the Ashad month.Bhatali Navami 2016, Most Auspicious Time for Marriage Hindu it Celebrates in India 13th July 2016 Bhadli Navami नवमी Tithi is considered as Aboojh Muhurat fest. The festival is celebrated come the ninth day of  Shukla Paksha in Arshad Month, the important fact of this festival is the last day in the year for solemnizing marriages in the Hindu community. It is believed that after the Bhadli Navami, the Lords usually go to sleep and hence all auspicious activities are conducted during this period.

Festival Dedicated to Vishnu

The festival is the honor of Lord Vishnu. It is generally believed in Hindu Mythology that Lord Vishnu is the most Powerfull Lord, In Hindu, Marriage  can be held when Lord Krishna/Vishnu is sleeping. In Hindu religion the Marriage is not successful without the blessing of Lord Vishnu, the Marriages are held below than the day of the lord which is on 13th July Wednesday 2016.

Bhatali Navami Celebrations

Hindus celebrate Bhadli Navmi with great enthusiasm and numerous religious events are planned for the day to make the occasion different. Important recital sessions for reading Holy Scriptures are held during the day and priest takes specific care to make offerings to Lord Vishnu. The Songs written to the  honor of Lord Vishnu also explain by the adherent to seek blessings from Vishnu.

Important Things about Bhadli Navami :-

(1) Aashadh Shukla Navami is known as Bhadli Navami or Bhaddli Navami.
(2) Bhadli Navami is the Tithi which is considered as an Aboojh Muhurat for Marriage  in some parts of north India.
(3) When proper Muhurat for marriage is not available, marriage is preformed on this day in the proper Lagana. Thus this Tithi is known as the Popular Muhurat  for Marriage. This is the last Muhurat for marriage before Dev Shayan.
(4) Bhadali Navami is considered as an auspicious Tithi and it has special significance because this is the last day of Aashadh Gupta Navarra.

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